Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what area does your company do business?

A: We are located in Calgary Alberta and generally do our work in the city and surrounding area. We do often extend our range but this may involve extra travel charges.

Q: Do you do free estimates?
A: Yes.

Q: What types of work do you typically do?
A: We generally focus on specialty residential concrete flatwork. This includes driveways, patios, steps, walkways and floors.

Q: What types of finishes can you do for me?
A: We love to do specialty finishes such as exposed aggregate and stamped concrete but we do a full range of finishes including traditional broom finish.

Q: Does your service include excavation and forming?
A: Yes we generally include these as part of our of our full service package.

Q: Do you pour house foundations?

A: No, we are typically flatwork contractors; however we will do retaining walls for garages, additions, steps etc. as required by the scope of a project.

Q: Can you remove our old concrete?
A: Yes, we are equipped to quickly remove and dispose of your existing concrete.

Q: Can you guarantee that our concrete will not crack?
A: No, on the contrary, we guarantee your concrete will crack! That is why we make every effort to control where that cracking will take place. Our special procedures and techniques are designed to control and minimize cracks where you don’t want them.

Q: Can you provide me with references?
A: Yes, we want our work to sell itself. We can provide references and perhaps have you look at a project near you.